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Glasses 4 You - Buy your cheap glasses on the internet

Once you could only by your glasses from opticians in the High Street, but now you can buy your glasses online. As long as you have a prescription from a professional opthalmologist, you can buy your spectacles on the internet at vastly reduced prices. There are many websites such as Glasses Direct, Glassescrafter, Spex4Less,, Glasses 2 you and Glassesuk who offer straightforward prescription lenses and frames. The cheapest online glasses are from just £12.99, but designer frames such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Armani and Dior are also available when buying online.

It might be a little more difficult to ensure that you get a pair of glasses that really suit you but most online retailers have tools to ensure that your glasses will fit properly when they arrive.

Online purchasing works best for single vision lenses, not bi-focals or vari-focals. You need a personal fitting for bifocals or varifocals. However some online retailers have solved this problem by arranging for you to have a home fitting to ensure that the glasses are correctly made to your exact requirements. Even with a home fitting you can save considerably by buying online.

To ensure that you are 100% satisfied, many online spectacle retailers offer a money back guarantee.

As well as glasses 4 you can also buy contact lenses online. Again you will need to get a proper prescription, but you can often find the cheapest contact lenses online and save a significant amount compared to high street prices. In addition you can get designer sunglasses 4 you from many online retailers.


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Do I need a prescription to order glasses online?
For short-sightedness you will certainly need a prescription.

Can I get a prescription for glasses online?
You need to get your eyes tested at a local optometrist. They will give you a prescription that you can use online.

Why are glasses cheaper online?
Online glasses providers do not have the same overheads as high street shops. They are able to pass the savings on to their customers.